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Hello I’m Cynthia Stevens and I am extremely excited to be joining the
Invis team. Through this partnership, I am able to offer mortgage
solutions for both residential and commercial financing needs, usually at
rates far below the usual banks and credit unions. As a mortgage
professional with Invis, I have access to many different lenders
including the major banks but at rates usually below what is available
through the mainstream and banking staff. Many of the mortgage
options that are available to you through Invis are also more flexible and
better suited to your personal needs.
As someone who has used a mortgage broker herself, approximately 8
years ago, I know first hand how much a mortgage broker can help a
person even when the banks cannot. I had been declined at my bank
which I had been a member of since 1988 for a remortgage. My issue
was that I had been in police training and my credit rating had fallen as I
could not keep up with some payments during that time. The mortgage
broker listened to my story and had no issues getting me a mortgage.
Since then I have gone on to be the owner of two condos in the lower
mainland, as well as in the process of owning a vacation property in
Mexico. I feel the difference between mortgage brokers and banks is
that mortgage brokers have the time to listen to you, your needs and
actual story, which will be my promise to you.
With a background in law enforcement, I have an excellent work ethic
and I know how to listen and to problem solve. I have also seen people
of all walks of life and have learned we all have a story. Please allow me
to walk with you through your mortgage process and I promise I will do
my very best to get you a mortgage which not only suites your personal
needs but one in which you feel confident you could not have gotten
any where else.
I completed the Mortgage Brokerage in British Columbia course through
UBC and am a licensed sub mortgage broker.
Outside of work you can find me racing cars, hanging out with my
family, friends and of course my dog Savanna.
Thank you for your trust and confidence in my ability to find you the best
mortgage possible.

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